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Individual and Couples Counseling based on EFT

"We have been a couple for going on 40 years. In that time we've worked with four other marriage counselors, Kim is our fifth. We always quit less than satisfied with our progress. On the recommendation of an associate we gave Kim Johnson a try. The EFT process- Emotional Focused Therapy - that Kim uses is really different from anything we had tried so far. EFT is far and away the most effective process I know of and has resulted in much more progress in our couples work. Kim is compassionate and very present during our sessions helping us to understand our underlying feelings and reactions to one another. We had tried to get to some of these places before but never really got to the core issues. We are at last doing the shadow work together that is at the core of our reactivity. This is work I wish we had been able to do thirty years ago. I highly recommend EFT and Kim Johnson. "

− Sandy

"Kim is truly wonderful; she helped me overcome some major fears that were disabling me from moving forward in relationships with men. She had such a warm and friendly approach, but she was clinically sound with a Christian foundation, which I needed in order to feel comfortable with the counseling process. Through my sessions with Kim I was able to leave my past behind, look forward with renewed hope for the future, and become a better version of myself. I'm happy to say that I'm now engaged to a wonderful, Godly man and look ahead with great excitement about our future together. I truly thank Kim; she made such a difference in my life. I would recommend her to anyone! She understands how to get people 'unstuck' and heal. "

− Mandy

"Kim is an extraordinary therapist and her warmth and genuineness separates her from other therapists. She has an amazing knack to read people's non-verbal cues. It is uncanny how well she can read people and use that to help me process my concerns. There have been times when a nano-second of emotions has flashed across my face and Kim has never missed that. This has led to tremendous insight and growth on my part in just a few months. Kim is also very non-judgmental and this makes it easy to share my thoughts and feelings. She is able to keep the focus on me as the client, and allowing me to develop skills and growth that I never thought were possible or achievable before."

− Sara, School Counselor

"I have seen other counselors through the years and find Kim to be the most unconditionally accepting persons I have counseled with. She has a way of making people feel comfortable and accepted. I have grown tremendously and am making much more, productive choices and experiencing healing as a result of her encouragement and belief in me. I feel honored to have met her and recommend her without hesitation"

− Ross

"In your life seem like it's crumbling down all around you. When you find yourself in the midst of difficult times it can feel impossible to make any sense out of anything, or find anything positive or affirming to grab hold of. Kim helped me to find the good even when things seemed bleak, and she really helped me gain a better understanding of my situation, and my past, which really helped me realize my future."

− Jesse Architect

"My husband and I starting seeing Kim for counseling several years ago with the hope of developing a richer deeper relationship for ourselves and our children. Like many couples, we would often find ourselves stuck in the same fights over and over again without any idea how to get out of it. We had no shortage of love or devotion, but rather a lack of tools and a need for better understanding of ourselves and one another. Through a process aimed to build intimacy, trust and openness Kim facilitated our ability to take a new look at each other and who we are as a couple. She treated us with equal respect and honor and this helped us to open up to one another in ways we couldn't have done on our own. Kim's true depth, honesty and deep respect for the complexity and importance of the marital relationship is a blessing to anyone taking a journey toward a more bonded intimate relationship. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her."

− Ivy